• About the Company


KnowledgeFilter, Inc., (KFI) was founded in 1999 and is incorporated as a California C corporation. Its founders, Board of Directors and advisors include some of the most accomplished leaders in the fields of Internet commerce and information technology, including advisor Bill Atkinson, whose Apple HyperCard authoring environment has been credited by Webs creator Tim Berners-Lee as the original inspiration for the Hyper-linked World Wide Web.


KFI Founder Michael Heumann conceived of the KnowledgeFilter technology in 1992 as a way to combine and test knowledge through computers. He developed his idea into a Web-based tool that combines the two-way communication features of the Internet with the computing power of Web servers. The result is a revolutionary system that allows Internet users to combine, track, rank and quantify the collective knowledge and opinions of large groups who share common interests.  The system is arriving on the market just as user-generated Web 2.0 content - including blogs, forums, video and pictures - is overwhelming traditional search engine information organization methods.


KFI recently received a patent for its unique information filtering and sorting technology. US patent # 7,031.952 pre-dates and surpasses a number of existing systems that utilize user feedback and commentary to organize online information. It covers the use of multi-criteria ratings and quantified commentary for filtering and enhancing virtually any type of Web-based content. Additional patents covering the far-reaching technology are pending.


The company’s mission is to introduce and license its unique software as the standard knowledge-sharing platform for the Internet. KFI envisions linking all of its licensee sites through a well-publicized “Knowledge Center” portal site which the company will leverage into the premiere knowledge-sharing destination on the Web.


The service will be available without charge to end-users. It will generate revenue primarily through:


• Sale of advertisements, promotions, and sponsorships


• Licensing and customization of the service/software for sponsor web sites


• Licensing of the underlying software to third parties


• E-commerce partnerships with licensee sites


The portal site will also serve to build awareness of the company’s products for custom licensing to other Internet companies.


Now that its technology patent has been awarded, KnowledgeFilter is exploring the option of selling or licensing its technology and associated intellectual property to a short list of qualified target companies.  The current design team is continuing to develop the software toward the creation of the KnowledgeCenter portal as an alternative to search engines for finding the most useful information on the Web.


Board of Directors:


Billy White- Director, Chairman
Former Netscape Director for Telecommunications Markets

David Coleman- Director, KM & GroupWare Advisor
Founder, Collaborative Strategies, GroupWare expert & author of GroupWare books.

Chris Mentzel- Director, VP, Secretary
Founder of Speedlane Inc., Privatizer, Lasec

Dean LaCoe- Director
President, LaCoe and Associates

Bill Atkinson -Technical Advisor (advisory board)
Principal Apple Computer Developer (Lisa & Macintosh); developer of HyperCard, Quickdraw, MacPaint; founding general partner of General Magic-MagicLink

Russ Speer Director
Founder and Managing Member, GIGO, LLC and Havelock Management Group, LLC


Management Team:


Michael Heumann - Founder, President, Director
Founder, Videosource.com, Sonoma Video Production, and Special Interest Video; interactive education specialist

Lana Holmes – CEO
Founder, Olive Branch Assoc., Founder & CEO of The Newhouse Group, Start-up specialist for Spinner.com (AOL Music), Leapfrog, Inc., All-Business.com

Keith Cooley CTO, VP, Product Development
Software Developer - Founder, Coolware, Palo Alto Ca.

Bill Mitchell- CFO, Investor Relations
VP, CFO, Hammon, Jensen, Wallen & Assoc. CFO, Wahler Assoc.

Carol Snider- UI Design, QA Testing, Alliance Liaison
Educational Software Designer, Disney, Humongous


Legal Representation:


White & Lee LLP, Palo Alto
Corporate Law & Finance


Intellectual Property Representation:


Joseph Sawyer
Sawyer Law Group

Wavelength Media