• Applications


The features disclosed in KnowledgeFilter's pending and issued patents have a broad variety of uses including:


Search Result Enhancement

Page Rank, keyword and "relevance" sorting as used by Google and others to rank Web pages, does not address the kind of user-submitted content now included in many types of searches. By adding KnowledgeFilter to search engine results, users can benefit from the perspectives and experiences of others in finding the videos, products, articles and other content that best matches each users personal needs and interests.


Web/Media Integration

Provides consumer-based support and enhancement for traditional publishing media. Allows readers and viewers to participate in their own media and repurposes and updates archival content. Brings Web traffic to print media, radio and television.


Commercial Web Site Content Generation

Web sites seeking to attract potential customers can offer the value added feature of a collaborative knowledge base at a fraction of the cost of hiring professional writers or licensing third party content. The content then becomes an intellectual property asset that can  be used in a number of ways. The KnowledgeCenter.com portal site would link many topic focused Web sites and serve as an alternative to search engines for finding the most useful information on the Web.


Decision Support

Builds consensus by ranking, sorting and sharing notes among users. Applications range from consumer product and service reviews to health education and public policy making.


Corroboration Engine

Allows individuals to view and weigh pro-and-con comments and both sides of controversial issues. This “reality-check” function has a number of applications for making the Web a more reliable information source.


Idea Elevator™

Facilitates knowledge and talent pooling by encouraging users to rate, annotate and enhance prior postings. Automatically elevates the best ideas to postings of higher visibility where they can be further developed by the group.

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