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What KnowledgeCenter Does


The KnowledgeCenter is designed to organize the collective knowledge of the Web into a user-friendly format for search and discussion. The system uses your comments and feedback to enhance postings and elevate the most highly regarded content. It allows you to sort postings by corroboration level (comment support level), ratings, author or date. The content that most closely matches your personal criteria rises to the top. Each posting is followed by a comment area where corroborating comments, alternate views and other comments are sorted by group-agreement level.


How Users Can Participate


You are invited to add new content, provide pro & con commentary and additional information on other people's postings, rate postings or suggest new sub-topics. A robust search function finds content by topic or by keyword within postings. The system automatically generates a linked topic map.


How to Contribute Content and Feedback


To submit ideas, experiences and opinions under the appropriate topic heading, users simply go to the topic and use the "Submit New Content" button. Comments can be added to existing postings by selecting "add comments" while viewing a posting. Users may provide any email address if they want feedback from others regarding their posting, or just use a screen name to limit feedback to online comments.


Finding and Sorting Content


There are three ways to find content within the Knowledge Base:


1) Browse the topics by browsing the main subject page and its index list.


2) Click on the "Visual Category Map" button on the upper left of each page to view a content map.


3) Use the search function to generate a list of relevant postings based on keywords within the subject line or within the text of all postings.


Once a topic is found, the "sort by" function sorts the postings within that topic by comment support level, multi-criteria Ratings, Custom–Sort, author, or date.




This site is democratically moderated. User feedback elevates or demotes content. Comments supporting or challenging a posting are sorted by group-agreement level, allowing users to personally evaluate the most highly agreed upon views on either side of any posting. Inappropriate postings can be reported through the "moderator alert" link on each page.

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