• Alliance Opportunities


KnowledgeFilter is seeking to form alliances with topic-specific Web sites in the following subject areas:


Web/Media Integration Site


Newspapers, magazines, networks and other traditional media are rapidly losing market share to the Web. It does not have to be that way. We are seeking a major media outlet that is ready to take the step to Web 2.0.


A KnowledgeCenter media site would tap the huge resource traditional media outlets have in their readers and viewers, while giving the public an opportunity to participate in the process of creating the news. Although many media outlets now have Web sites, most of the comments and feedback submitted to these sites are lost in long strings of unfiltered comments or in the unread email cues of overwhelmed journalists. The technology developed by KnowledgeFilter would:

• Tap the readership as a content resource for everything from movie reviews to hobbies and editorial content.


• Repurpose and update archival content by creating special interest KnowledgeCenters on various topics.


• Create additional ad revenues by integrating the Web.


• Bring Web traffic to print media, radio and television.


• Encourage readers to go to the Web for more information or to weigh in on a subject they are interested in.


• Allow readers or viewers to enhance the information in an article with their own views or knowledge. Only the best of this material would rise to the top of pro and con and more information comment columns.

People's Web Guide


The People's Web Guide will be a forum for sharing user-generated information about Web sites on any topic. This forum will provide a much needed alternative to traditional Internet search engines and directories that merely point users at sites without any indication of the quality of the site or its appropriateness to users' individual needs.


Comments from other visitors, as well as user-generated ratings, are based on a variety of criteria. Using the People's Web Guide, Internet users will help each other discern web sites that meet individually specified needs.



Blogs are taking the Web by storm, but as with all Web publishing, there is a problem. How can users determine which blogs are worth reading, accurate or relevant?


BlogFilter would apply the filtering features of KnowledgeFilter software to the world of Blogs. A central index would point to Blogs all over the Web on any given subject. Blog content would appear in a KnowledgFilter-style window with reader ratings for user-selected rating criteria and pro & con reader comments. The best Blogs on any topic, based on this criteria, would rise to the top. Default criteria would be Interest, Accuracy and Writing Style.


As with all other KnowledgeCenter Forums, pro and con comments on each Blog would automatically be sorted by agreement level.


The self-organizing content map and robust search function would make navigating millions of Blogs easy from this site. We are seeking a partner to launch a beta version of the BlogFilter application.

Health Advisor


The Health Advisor Forum will bridge the gap between doctors, medical researchers and patients by allowing users to access information from medical professionals and share personal experiences with other patients. Users will be able to sort opinions and information by criteria ranging from patient experiences, to corroboration levels determined by the number and quality of comments and links to research contributed by health professionals.


The side-by-side pro and con comment area will allow users to weigh opposing perspectives of both doctors and patients. This forum will use version 2.0 of the software, which accommodates content, ratings and comments in two classes: consumer and registered professional. Each participating professional will have a short profile posted on the site.

Investment Advisor


In the Investment Forum, investors will compare notes, predictions and advice with other investors and financial professionals. Contributors will be rated by track record, allowing users to sort advice by source reliability. Comment areas will be divided into supporting and dissenting opinions, allowing users to consider many perspectives on investment strategies and opportunities.

Wine Lovers Forum


The Wine Lovers forum will allow users and professional reviewers to build a comprehensive knowledge base of wines, allowing thousands of wines to be sorted by taste, value, availability and professional reviewer scores. Each wine listing will feature reviewer comments in several categories, providing the additional sorting criteria of the ratio of positive to negative comments.

Gardeners Forum


The Gardener's Forum will be a place for gardening enthusiasts to share knowledge about America's number one pastime. Regional topic forums will allow fellow gardeners to share experiences that are unique to their specific climate and growing conditions.

Fisherman's Forum


In the Fisherman’s Forum, anglers will share and access fishing tips, information and local knowledge pertaining to their geographical location and their specific fishing interests. Fishing stories and secrets can be sorted by number of supporting experiences, by corroboration from professional anglers and guides, by authors and columnists, or by the number of supporting comments. Sponsors can offer tackle, books, videos and other fishing products.

Hobby Center


The Hobby Center will be a cluster of special interest forums dedicated to virtually any hobby. Users will be able to share techniques, information and resources unique their hobby or field of interest.

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